School Profile


Type of School: Coeducational Private Christian School
Faith: Non-denominational
Founded: 2004
Head of School: Kathleen Mallory
Location: Georgetown, Kentucky
Students: 250, preschool through 12th grade
Average Student to Teacher Ratio: 12:1
Members of: Association of Christian Schools International
Accreditation: Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission


In partnership with the home, the church, and with reliance on the inerrant Word of God as the foundation of all knowledge, PCA provides the whole child with academic excellence, spiritual formation, and physical education.


Chapel Services: Chapel is held once per week.

Technology: Formal instruction weekly and computer labs available for all Elementary and Middle School students, with wireless access for Middle School.

Visual and Performing Arts: Formal instruction weekly in Art and monthly Art Club as well as weekly Music classes, a Christmas Musical Program, and a Spring Musical. We also offer a Music Conservatory before or after school for students who want to learn a musical instrument.

Fall sport: Cross Country & Cheer
Winter sport: Archery & Basketball
Spring sport: Soccer

Outreach Programs: Opportunities are available to all students to participate in outreach programs throughout the school year. Each classroom develops an outreach effort for the year.


Historic Downtown Georgetown is one of the most picturesque Victorian downtown areas in Kentucky. It is home to an impressive array of antique shops, unique boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops that serve everything from country cooking to continental cuisine.

A walking tour of downtown Georgetown offers a look at some of the city’s outstanding residential and commercial architecture that includes over 200 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Throughout the 20th century, Georgetown and Scott County have been in a transition from an economy based primarily on agriculture to a diversified one mixing manufacturing, small business, and the family farm. During the 1960s, the construction of Interstate 75 placed the county on one of the busiest highways in America. The selection of Georgetown as site of Toyota’s first American assembly plant in 1985 has resulted in the greatest period of growth in the county’s long and storied history.

Today, Georgetown and Scott County stand as a mix of a rich past and an exciting future. We invite you to visit with us and experience our heritage.