PCA feels an obligation to our students not only to encourage appreciation of the arts, but also to provide a program that promotes great visual and performing arts.

In the artistic realms, God should receive our best, as with any endeavor. A quality fine arts program should uplift, challenge, give insight into our humanity, and give insight into the fulfillment found in God’s principles for life set forth in His Word. Our passion is to connect our students with a variety of opportunities to develop these skills that promote creative and critical analysis on abstract thought and design. PCA’s arts program provides multifaceted enrichment offerings. We offer three general areas for students to participate in: performing arts, visual arts, and musical arts.

Visual Arts Teacher
Tracee Bascom
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Performing & Music Arts Teacher
Mary Thomas
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Department Philosophy

The arts at PCA are taught from a distinctly Christian viewpoint. We teach that God is the Creator of all things, and that He has given us the ability to be creative as well. Fine arts should be the product of that creativity. We believe that there are many who, if given information, education and experience, can and will learn to appreciate the challenge found in the arts.


Visual Arts is taught beginning in Early Education and goes all the way to ninth grade. Students have Art Class once per week.

Performing Arts is taught beginning in Early Education and goes all the way to ninth grade. Each year, students from Early Education, Middle School and High School are involved in a Christmas concert, and the Elementary, Middle School, and High School present a spring musical.

PCA Offers Music once per week for all grade levels. Students learn voice and recorder currently. We also offer a Music Conservatory before or after school for students who want to learn a musical instrument.