2019-2020 TUITION & FEES



  • A Tuition Payment Preference Form will be signed by each school family prior to enrollment. This agreement outlines the family’s payment schedule and is an acknowledgement of their understanding of their financial responsibility.
  • The responsible party agreeing to the payment plan must contact the Business Manager if financial problems arise.
  • PCA reserves the right to suspend educational services, the administering of exams, and the issuing of grades if an account is delinquent. A late fee of $30 per month may be assessed to delinquent accounts.

  • No student will be allowed to re-enter school until all previous PCA accounts are paid in full.


  • Students re-enrolling in PCA during the month of February before 6pm, Friday, February 22nd, 2019 will be registered at a rate of $100 per student, with a $200 per family maximum.

  • Students re-enrolling or enrolling beginning on February 23rd, 2019 will be registered at a rate of $150 per student with a $300 family maximum.

  • Registration fees are refundable if a spot is not available.


Tuition Assistance Awards - are based on the family’s demonstrated need as determined by specific financial information required on an application provided by the school. Awards are made for one year only, based on the availability of tuition assistance funds. Current families will be given priority consideration in the aid allocation process. Check with the school office as to the annual deadline for application.

Prepayment Discounts – a 2% discount will be applied to the total tuition amount if the full year is paid on or before August 1, 2019. Semi-annual/ Semester Payments: First semester tuition paid by the first day of school will receive a 1% discount. Second semester tuition paid in advance by January 1st (or the first business day of the new year) will also receive a 1% discount.

Sibling Discounts – are available to families that have multiple children enrolled at PCA and at least one of the children is enrolled in the K-12 program. The discounts are as follows: First (oldest) child 0% discount, second (oldest) child 20% discount, third and subsequent children 30% discount per child. If the second child is in preschool, the discount is 10% and the
third and subsequent child in preschool is 15%.

Pastoral Discounts – a 20% Pastoral Discount is available to any paid pastoral staff as verified by the individual church and approved by the PCA Board.

  • $50 one-time registration fee per child. See Leap & Grow registration form for more information.


Early Education Fee Schedule

K-12th Fee Schedule

Summer Program Fee Schedule



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